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Grace Enterprises (✓ Brand Authorized)
General Traits
Weight In Lbs. 5 LBS
Weight In Kg 2.27kg
Number of Servings 69
Serving Size 1 (Scoop) 33g
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Flavour Cafe Brazil, Chocolate Fudge
Additional Information
Country of Origin


Brand Ultimate Nutrition
Form Powder
Packaging Jar
Goal Muscle Recovery, Muscle Building
Exp Date Oct-26
Nutritional Info For Isolate Protein
Protein 30 g
Carbohydrates 1g
Cholesterol 2mg
Special Traits
Lifestage Adult
Gender Men / Woman


Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 5 LBS


Ultimate Nutrition is proud to intoduce iso sensation 93, containing 100% IsoChill whey protein isolate. IsoChill is a functional microfiltratioin process to contain a full balance of undenatured bioactive whey proteins including Immunoglobulin(lgG), Lactoferrin (Lf), and Glycomacropeptide (GMP), It is derived from sweet whey, mem-brane-filtered, and spray-dried by indirect heat to ensure the highest produxt quality. Iso sensation 93 is further enhanced with colostrum, an added glutamine complex, SI Complex, and D Complex.


Ingredients: Iso Chill 93% (Whey Protein Isolate), Colostrum, Glutapure Glutamine Complex (Glutamine Peptides, Glutapure glutamine, N-Acetryl LGutamine), Coffee, SI Complex (Alpha Lipoic Acid, D-pinitol, 4-Hydroxyisoleucine), Enzymes (Protease, Lactase), Lactoferrin, Sweetener (INS 950, INS 955).


Directions For Use: mix 1 scoop with 6oz (177 ml) of cold water or non-fat milk. For best results, consume immediateyl after exercise.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store in a cool, dry place; 15-30degC (59-86degF). Dispose of container 30 days after first opening


Customer questions & answers

2024-01-10 20:30:42

This product is good.. easy to digest, high protein content.

2023-02-27 17:47:44

The packaging was good. Good quality protein. Easily dissolve in water or milk.

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